The Records Division is a special service support function of the Wallingford Police Department staffed with a Division Commander, who is a Lieutenant, a court officer, a property officer, and clerical support staff.

Records Division Tel: (203) 294-2810

Fax Number: (203) 294-2874


Office Hours: Mon thru Fri, 8 am - 4 pm

The Records Division is Responsible For:

  • Serving as the repository for the records of the department and maintains investigatory reports, evidence, found property and criminal history information
  • Disseminating any records-related information from the Wallingford Police Department
  • Creating and disseminating NIBRS/UCR reports
  • Processing and issuing various state and municipal permits
  • The administration of the Town of Wallingford’s parking ticket program
  • Public fingerprinting

The Records Division is delegated with the responsibility and authority necessary to protect the privacy and physical security of all department records and ensures that the department complies with all state and federal regulations concerning the retention and destruction of department records.

Records Division Members

Lieutenant Stacy Sacharko

Court Officer Andrew Decusati
Evidence Officer John Newberry

Records Clerks:
Clerk Deborah Sigmon
Clerk Jennifer Fanton
Clerk Mary Kris Ryan