The Patrol Division is the primary operational component of the Wallingford Police Department and is responsible for the delivery of generalized police service to the Wallingford community, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Patrol Division Tel: (203) 294-2800

Patrol Division Shift Commander Tel: (203) 294-2805

Primary Duties Include:

  • Routine patrol to encompass the prevention of crime and disorder
  • Handling calls for service
  • The enforcement of laws
  • Community-oriented / problem-solving activities
  • Routine traffic accident investigation
  • Assistance to the public in emergency situations

The Patrol Division is comprised of three shifts, each commanded by a lieutenant and staffed with two sergeants and a complement of uniformed police officers.

Patrol Division Members

Shift Commanders:

Lieutenant Shelly Cafasso
Lieutenant Michael Forcier
Lieutenant Stephen Jaques

Patrol Sergeants:

Sergeant Joseph Cafasso
Sergeant Henry Cadett III
Sergeant Owen Davidson

Sergeant Erik Judkins
Sergeant Jillian Lavery
Sergeant Darrin Rembisz

Patrol Officers:

Officer Leonard Alter
Officer Vincent Anastasio
Officer Robert Bellucci
Officer Willie Belton
Officer Timothy Binkoski
Officer Kelly Boyle
Officer Jay Burns
Officer Justin Bussell
Officer Michael Ciarlone
Officer Kaj Djonne
Officer Shawn Fairbrother
Officer John Ferrelli
Officer Darren Frith
Officer Jeffrey Gervais (TFO)
Officer Alexander Gigas
Officer Abel Gonzalez
Officer Aaron Grimaldi
Officer Nicholas Judkins
Officer Michael Kozlowski
Officer Richard Lobo
Officer Joseph Maus
Officer Gordon McCaskill
Officer Kristine Michonski
Officer David Miller 
Officer Robert Miniter
Officer Minh Pham
Officer Francesco Picone
Officer Raymond Scheck
Officer Irving Sherman
Officer Joseph Smith
Officer Alexis Torres
Officer Michael Wilcoxson
Officer Talia Williams
Officer Jordan Zima

Recruit Officers:

Brian Scheck
Austin Derosa
Anthony Duhamel
Luke Ferriby
John O'Brien
Maximo Almonte