To hire a police officer for an extra duty job, please call (203) 294-2800. The company name, date/time/location of job, number of officers/cruisers, and a contact name/phone number are required to input the assignment.

Effective June 26, 2023, the hourly rate is $70.22 with a five hour minimum. In the event the same police officer works in excess of eight hours, or works selected holidays, the hourly rate becomes $92.96.

There will be an additional $25 per hour fee for a cruiser. Billing for both the officer and cruiser will begin 15 minutes prior to the start time, and end 15 minutes after the job is complete.  The additional 30 minutes of billing only applies if a cruiser is utilized. 

Please note that the cancellation policy requires notifying the police department prior to two hours of the job’s start time to avoid being charged the five-hour minimum.